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Brief introduction of meat cutter

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Brief introduction of meat cutter

Kitchen meat cutter is a kind of product designed by needle about cutting bones in modern kitchen life. The main needle is about cutting bones with household knives, which is easy to damage the blade, laborious and inefficient. Products are mainly used for difficult food in kitchen, such as chicken and duck, spareribs, leg bones, etc.

chicken cutting machine

This product is safe and simple to use and easy to clean. This product mainly consists of two parts, a plastic with a middle groove, and a stainless steel knife with a short handle. The tip of the knife is inserted into the wooden groove and fixed. Just put the cut food on the plane of the pickaxe with one hand, hold the handle of the knife with the other hand and press down, and the food is cut off.

electric food slicer

The kitchen chopper is equipped with fixed parts at the rectangular groove to prevent the food from sliding back and forth.

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meat slicer

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