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Introduction to the Equipment of Bubble Washing Machine

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Introduction to the Equipment of Bubble Washing Machine

Bubble washing machine equipment is mainly used in vegetable, fruit and other processing and production, equipment performance is stable, according to different products add different configurations, according to products; tailor-made, fruit and vegetable automatic cleaning equipment cleaning efficiency, greatly reducing the cost of labor for enterprises, Shangpin mechanical cleaning equipment as a whole using standard stainless steel production, welding technology is good, design is reasonable, Beautiful appearance. In the design, the split bubble device makes the bubble wave more uniform, and the product disperses through the water flow. Surge and clean.

bubble wash

Introduction to the equipment of bubble washing machine:

fruit and vegetable cleaner

1. The rack is made of standard stainless steel, which meets the relevant standards of food industry.

2. Use bubble rolling, scrubbing and spraying technology to clean things to a limited extent.

3. The garlic braid cleaning machine can be customized according to the different processing characteristics of users to meet the technological requirements.

4. The speed of cleaning operation of fruit and vegetable cleaner can be adjusted steplessly. Users can set it arbitrarily according to different cleaning contents.

5. The machine has compact structure and high automation. It is suitable for various processing enterprises.

ozone vegetable washer

Bubble washing machine is made of stainless steel. It is durable and durable. The raw materials of the equipment will not be damaged, so as to achieve high cleanliness, labor saving, water saving, stable equipment, reliable effect, vegetable washing machine and automatic continuous cleaning. The cleaned product is more than three times cleaner than the conventional manual washing method.

washing lettuce

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