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Correct operation method of meat shredder

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Correct operation method of meat shredder

There are many kinds of meat cutters, and most of them are very convenient. With the rapid development of the times, due to the high labor cost, many food processing enterprises have slowly chosen machine processing, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources. But the same is true of machines and people, which have a life cycle and need the careful care and maintenance of users.

meat machine

The operation method of the meat cutter in the meat cutter is as follows:

meat processing

Step 1: Before operating the meat cutter, first clean the machine with warm water. Never wet the motor.

Step 2: When using the meat cutter, start the motor first to see if the blade's turning is correct, and if it is reversed or wrong, it should be corrected immediately.

Step 3: After the operation, first turn off the power supply, then remove the removable parts, then clean them with hot water, then install them, turn on the empty machine to dry the water, and finally coat them with edible oil.

Meat shredder

Step 4: When you need to cut the shredded meat, first cut the slices into slices, then cut the slices horizontally.

Step 5: Cut meat without bone, otherwise it will damage the cutter and the slicer.

For other types of meat cutters, the precautions are generally the same, the difference will not be very big. There are many materials for meat cutters on the market. High-quality stainless steel will be used to make meat cutters. Some of them will use stainless steel with low purity. The machine made of this material has a small surface brightness and insufficient thickness. It will be easy to rust if it is used for a long time, which will affect the food quality.

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