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How to use the meatball machine

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How to use the meatball machine

The meatball machine is used as follows:

automatic meatball maker

1. Place it in a balanced place, connect the power supply and ground wire to ensure safety.

2. The machine should be cleaned before use. This machine is a kind of supporting machine. Firstly, the meat beater (or chopping machine) should be stirred into a meat sauce and then put into the molding machine.

3. There is a meat volume adjustment switch on the right side of the barrel, which can be used to adjust the roundness of the meatballs. (When the meat is too much, the meatballs become longer, the meat volume is too small, the meatballs are flattened, and the amount of meat in the meat barrel is After too few hours, the unit does not work properly).

meatball machine

4. Place a large bowl under the meat, then serve warm water or use a heated forming tank directly.

5. This machine is equipped with three sets of large, medium and small die heads. The method is to remove and replace the sliding plate on the die and the bottom plate at the same time.

6. Put the mashed meat sauce into the meat bucket before it can be turned on. After the boot, put the first processed meatballs into the meat bucket (not forming the meatballs).

7. After the meatballs are processed, the pusher rod, the meat barrel, the bottom plate and the copper plate should be taken out, cleaned and dried.

8. After using for a period of time, check if the inner spring of the machine is available. If there is no elastic force, replace it with a new one.

After the meatball machine is used, it is necessary to clean the parts of the material immediately to prevent the residual materials from spoiling and affecting the next processing!

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