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Introduction of Diced Meat Cutting Machine

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Introduction of Diced Meat Cutting Machine

There are many kinds of cutters for meat, and they can also meet the requirements of shape cutting. Ding cutter is an important equipment in the production process of meat products. The main raw materials such as meat, fat, etc. can be cut into diced meat that users need. The size of the grille can also be adjusted to cut out shredded meat, sliced meat and diced meat. The size of the grille is determined by the number of blades in the grille.

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The diced meat cutter is designed and manufactured with reference to the advanced international machinery. Its structure is reasonable and it is made of stainless steel, which meets the food hygiene and safety standards. The machine has super large feeding bin, and has designed locking device for feeding products. It has special grille blade, strong penetration, continuous processing of meat without adhesion, and S-type chopper has sharp cutting, smooth cross-section, beautiful and concise shape. The machine can cut "Ding", "Silk" and "Chip" accurately and efficiently.

meat cutting machine  

Because of the fast cutting speed and the stable working conditions of the diced meat cutter, the fuselage design will be heavy. The fuselage students will not shift during the working process, and the noise is very low when the machine works. The design of the machine is concise, which makes it easier to clean. Performance is very stable, can work for a long time, is a good helper in meat cutting!

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