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Introduction of the blanching machine in the leek production line

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Introduction of the blanching machine in the leek production line

The leek green production line, since it needs to be killed, there are fewer steps that are not blanched, and the natural blanching machine is one of the important equipments. Then how should the blanching machine in this amaranth production line operate? Let me introduce you to the following:

Leek Production Line

The blanching machine is an ideal equipment for the blanching treatment often required for the color protection process of fruits and vegetables (carrots, fruit slices, etc.), a submerged type superheated steam blanching machine, a belt type blanching machine, and a drum type blanching machine. Through the treatment of the blanching machine, the activity of enzymes in fruits and vegetables is stopped, the vivid color unique to fruits and vegetables is maintained, the green odor of vegetables is released and the fragrance is preserved, the softness of cells is promoted, and the evaporation of water is promoted, and the water is dried and dehydrated. The process requirements of the process lay a good foundation. At present, the blanching machine has been widely used in various food processing enterprises. Let's take a look at the operating procedures:

vegetable cutting machine

A. Turn on the main power switch;

B. Rotate and open the emergency stop switch (the machine stops working when pressed) and the knob switch;

C. Open the corresponding switch of heating pipe, mesh belt, etc., and set the corresponding parameters;

D. After the water temperature reaches the set value, the equipment will automatically start the blanching work;

E. After the equipment is working, turn off the total control power (close the main power switch).

After the eucalyptus production line is in the process of killing, it is necessary to carry out operations such as cold water.

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