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Precautions for removing the scales

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Precautions for removing the scales

The fish scale remover can quickly remove the scales on the fish, and its operation should pay attention to the following items:

automatic fish scaler

1. It is not possible to use the machine overloaded.

2, check the machine before use, first test run to see if it is normal, and then feed, according to the volume requirements of the material cylinder to input materials, can not be arbitrarily invested.

3. Clean the hydraulic oil filter every half month; clean the hydraulic oil tank once every half year, and keep the oil clean.

4. Before the machine starts, it is necessary to carefully check whether the balls and the supporting rollers are running freely. If the card machine is strictly prohibited from rolling, it should be repaired in time.

5. During the work process, always pay attention to whether the pressure value meets the requirements.

6. Set the machine to the automatic mode, place the crankshaft and the tailstock to tighten the workpiece. At this time, the machine's home position light is on. Press the cycle button to process the workpiece automatically. The initial stage of rolling should be able to see a small amount of lubricating oil to lubricate each axis. neck.

7. After the work is finished, cut off the power supply, remove the iron and dirt, keep the machine clean and rust-proof.

fish scaler machine

The descaling machine is available in 201 and 304 materials, and can be selected according to individual needs. Manually removing fish scales is quite a cumbersome task, and it is easy to cause hand injuries. The invention of the fish scale removal machine greatly improves work efficiency. The machines are large and small, complex and simple, and the simple design is suitable for use in the vegetable market.

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