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Problems with the vegetable cutter

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Problems with the vegetable cutter

As a food machine, vegetable cutters often come into contact with a variety of food materials and materials. These materials are acidic and alkaline. These chemicals will affect The main parts cause various degrees of corrosion, especially the dark and humid season of the rainy season is more likely to cause problems with various parts and equipment, so everyone needs to do the following:

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1. When not using the vegetable cutter or fruit and vegetable washing machine for a long time, please place it in a dry and ventilated place.

2. It is necessary to clean in time after each use to ensure cleanliness and to ensure that no ingredients, materials, and residues are included.

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3. Regularly oil key components and screws. In view of the special nature of this food machine, oiling can be lubricated with high-quality olive oil.

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4. Regularly check the key parts and do the maintenance work. No matter how good the machine is, no one will take care of it. The service life will not be long after all.

Ensuring the normal operation of the vegetable cutter also guarantees our benefits and ensures our profitability, so I would like to remind everyone that we must pay attention to the use and protection of the vegetable cutter, otherwise it will not work well. Not only do we have to bring losses, but also maintenance costs.

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