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The Importance of Scale Removal Machine for Fish Processing

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The Importance of Scale Removal Machine for Fish Processing

Fish meat is delicious and nutritious. It is an important food for human beings. The edible portion of freshwater fish accounts for about 50-70% of body weight, and its ratio varies with species. The protein content of fish body is generally about 20%. The experimental analysis shows that the composition of amino acid in muscle is very similar to that in human tissues, so it is easy to be digested and utilized by human body. From the point of view of nutrition, freshwater fish is an ideal animal protein source for human beings. It has been favored by people since ancient times and is regarded as a nourishing food.

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The harvest period of aquatic products is concentrated, the moisture content is large, the bacteria carry more (especially head, gill, viscera) and the autolysis is strong, so it is very easy to corrupt, affecting circulation and market sales. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen fresh-keeping in the process of fishing, transportation and storage, and adopt different processing methods to make various food supply markets. To meet people's needs in life. Therefore, fish aquatic products processing is the continuation of aquaculture and fishing, and is an indispensable part of the whole fishery production. The widely used fresh-keeping technologies of aquatic products are basically cooling and freezing.

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Basically, all fish with scales need to be scaled before processing. It is unrealistic for enterprises to remove scales by hand, which requires scaling machine.

The speed of descaling is more than ten times faster than that of manual operation, and the operation is very simple and the machine consumes less.

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