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The multiple functions of the meat slicer

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The multiple functions of the meat slicer

Recently, the hygiene problem of the catering industry is really not worrying. The “salt oil” incident of the net red hot pot restaurant just happened, and some netizens photographed the unsanitary phenomenon of the kitchen!

 meat cutting machine

In the kitchen of a small mala-spin shop on the Internet, a male employee sits on a high stool, and the bipod cuts meat on the table. The ingredients touch his toes several times, and the food is scattered on the ground. The staff responded that he was a temporary worker and could not do anything.

meat cutting machine

It can be clearly seen in the video screen that the staff cut the meat in the kitchen after the curtain. He sat on the high stool and placed his feet on the chopping board. The meat was "intimately in contact with" his toes several times. He also had dirty things like meat residue under his feet, and he looked very unsanitary. In fact, this situation requires only a small commercial meat slicer to solve the health problem of cutting meat, and can also improve work efficiency.

 cooked meat slicer

Small commercial meat-cutting machines are affordable, and the price of ordinary models is less than the monthly salary of employees. The multi-functional luxury meat-cutting machine is only about one month's labor, and ordinary food stores can afford it. Machine operation, in addition to improving work efficiency, can also solve the problem of hygiene, and can save labor costs, is a restaurant and restaurant

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